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Chase Rainbows Cards

Hello everyone, it’s Pam here with two cards I made using the Chase Rainbows collection.

I had fun – and a little bit of a challenge – making these cards. The challenge arose because the collection is all about colour and pattern, and doesn’t have images that could be used as focal points. However, once I got to grips with the fact that I would have to think out of the box a bit, and go for an arty look, I was ok.

For both cards I used the coordinating stamp set. To make the background for the first card I sprayed some Kaisermists in yellow and pink into puddles on a craft sheet, and then picked up the ink with the splat stamp from the set. Using the mists wet like this allows the colours to bleed into each other and that’s how you get the lovely orange colour too. When the ink was dry I used a Kaisercraft mini ink pad to stamp the lace semicircle stamp on top. The butterfly (from the Kaleidescope collection) was stamped onto some of the patterned paper from the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pad, as were the sentiment stamps from the Chase Rainbows stamp set. In addition I used some washi tape and some sew easy twine to add a bit of interest.

Card1 My next card is  a mixed media ‘she art’ piece. This began with some torn paper pieces from the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pad collaged onto a piece of card stock. Over this I randomly stamped some text using the Kaleidescope stamp set and my favourite background stamp, Arty. The yellow is the lace semicircle stamped in Kaisercrafts yellow paint. After that it was a matter of drawing the figure of the girl, and decorating her with patterned paper, flowers and rhinestones.

Can you see my trick to avoid having to draw feet?

card3So there you have two arty style cards using the gorgeous Chase Rainbows collection. I hope you like them!


Chase Rainbows Layout

Hi everyone, it’s Pam here.

This month I am playing with the Chase Rainbows collection from Kaisercraft. This collection is all about background papers. All the papers are relatively plain-by that I mean there are no  images. Instead this collection is all about pattern and colour and is a little bit artsy as well. So that means it’s a very flexible collection which can be used to scrap just about any subject.

So here’s my first layout this month:August LO1For this layout I started with a rectangle of the Hue paper, which I machine stitched on, together with a piece of mesh bag that my lemons came in. This added some texture without obscuring the gorgeous water-colour effect paper.
P1170432-EditWhile I had the sewing machine out I sewed on some scraps of plaster’s tape and some orange hessian ribbon which I had in my stash.
P1170433-EditThen it was just a matter of arranging some of the Collectables around my photo and adhering them on. You must know by now how much I love the packets of collectables. They make putting a layout together so easy-just layer them on under or overlapping your photo. Lift them up with some foam tape to add some dimension.

After I layered the collectables  I decided it needed something more, so I dampened my card stock with water, and painted on some Kaisercraft mists in yellow and pink and allowed the colours to run together. I also added some splatters and some dots of Stickles.P1170435-EditSome close ups of those lovely collectables.august1I do hope you love using collectables as much as I do.


Say Aloha

Hi everyone, Pam here.

How do you go about constructing your layouts? Do you start with a photo, then choose the papers and embellishments to match? Or do you start with papers you love, and go through your photos until you find one to suit? Personally I think the first way makes most sense, but being on the Merly DT means I mostly start with the papers, and then find the photos. Sometimes this means trawling through folders and folders of photos to find a suitable photo, but  in this case as soon as I saw the colours of the Say Aloha papers, and the sentiments of this collection I knew exactly which photos I would use. How fortuitous that I had taken these photos in front of these advertisements in Barcelona. The ‘Don’t Hide’ slogan of the advertisements  went so well with the Kaisercrafts stamp: ‘Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons’, and the sticker-‘why fit in when you were born to stand out’!!

So here’s my layout:

2015-06-07 08.35.26

This was a pretty straightforward layout to construct. For the background I used the leopard skin print form the Island paper. Onto that I added a rectangle of the pink Papaya paper. The embellishments came from the die cut collectables,  and the sticker sheet. I also stamped and heat embossed the sentiment from the stamp set onto black card stock.

2015-06-06 17.12.20The layout was ok at that stage, but I felt it was lacking something, so I set to work with some black and white pens. I used a fine pen to trace around the outside of all the stickers and die cuts. I added some dots with both the black an the white pens. I used thicker sharpie pen to draw a frame around the pink paper.2015-06-07 08.35.46 I doodled inside the title with white pen, and added a shadow effect with a watercolour pencil.2015-06-07 08.35.54

It’s only a bit of pen work, but I think it brings the whole layout together. Do you agree?

2015-06-07 08.35.26

Come back soon for more inspiration.


Say Aloha cards

Hi everyone, it’s Pam here.

This month Chrissy asked us to use the 6.5 x 6.5  paper pad and the die cut collectables  to make some cards. I love Kaisercrafts 6.5 x 6.5 paper pads, and often use the paper on my scrapbook pages when I don’t need a large piece of patterned paper. But this size of paper really comes into it’s own for card making. The patterns are scaled down and this makes them perfect for making cards. The papers I am using are from the Say Aloha collection from Kaisercrafts.

My first card is a very feminine birthday card, which is going to go to my mother in law. I chose only the pink papers from the pack, and pink flower and butterfly embellishment from the die cut collectables. I added an adhesive pearl to the centre of the butterfly. 2015-05-18 14.23.20

The crinkle ribbon was dyed using Kaisermists pink spray ink. I just put the ribbon into a plastic pot and spritzed it a few times with the spray until it was all coloured to my liking.2015-05-18 13.41.44My next card is a bit more funky, and I think this would be a great card for teenager. I used the black and white leopard print (a scaled down version of the Flamingo paper) mounted onto black card for the background. I then added a strip of the yellow and black leopard print (a scaled down version of the Island paper) down the left hand side. The sentiment circles are punched from one of the pages in the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pads. And finally the leaf and the heart are from the die cut collectables.
2015-05-18 14.58.12

I hope you enjoyed these cards. Please visit again soon.


Say Aloha layout

Hi Everyone, Pam here.

Say Aloha is bright, bold and full of colour, and I have had such fun using it this month.

This layout is all about cutting and slotting!2015-05-18 12.33.18First I cut around the corner design of the Tropical Gloss paper. To cut around a design like this it is best to use a sharp craft knife on a glass cutting board. My cutting board in a cheap kitchen worktop saver I got from Ikea I think. The secret to good cutting is to turn the paper, and not the knife.2015-05-18 10.12.37 The next step was to use the Damask Quarter stencil with Pink Kaisermist spray ink to add some colour and pattern to the Tiki Hut die cut paper. When the mist was dry I once again took my craft knife and cut around the design on the bottom of the paper.2015-05-18 11.24.54 I then slotted my photo under the cut design, and adhered it to the die cut paper.2015-05-18 11.33.44 The next step was to slot the die cut paper and photo under the cut design of the Tropical Gloss paper.2015-05-18 11.37.49

My title was made with a combination of letter stickers and a stamp from the co-ordinating stamp set.2015-05-18 12.25.38

The layout was finished off by layering on some of the die cut collectables.

2015-05-18 12.25.15 2015-05-18 12.25.19 2015-05-18 12.25.26 2015-05-18 12.25.55 So that’s it… Just Another Day in Paradise.2015-05-18 12.33.18I hope you love this collection as much as I do!!


Mixed media layout

Hello everyone, Pam here:

I had a lot of fun making this layout with the ‘Oh So Lovely’ collection from Kaisercrafts. The photo is of me and my daughter on Prom night. It’s hard to believe this was 5 years ago…time goes by too quickly.
2015-05-02 12.24.49

So I’ll take you through the steps of making this layout. The base paper is called ‘Chic’. Onto this I glued some random strips of patterned papers from the collection.

2015-05-02 09.44.15

When that was dry I used one of the quarters of the Damask Quarters 12 x 12 stencil and applied some gesso in three places. I wasn’t after perfection here-I just wanted to add some texture and pattern. I also smeared some of the gesso across the patterned paper using my fingers!!

2015-05-02 10.11.46

When the gesso was dry I sprayed some pink Kaisermist spray ink over the gessoed areas. Until you see these mists for yourself you can’t appreciate the fabulous lustre. I’ve tried to do a close up photo to try to show you the rich shine.2015-05-02 11.09.44

next came some random stamping using the stamp set in the collection. I used red stazon ink for the stamping as I wanted it to blend into the background. I also began to add some embellishments that I wanted to be partly under my photo. I’ve used some plasterer’s  tape, some hat netting,  some washi tape and a leaf from the collectables.2015-05-02 11.42.04I layered up the photo on some patterned paper from the collection, and adhered it all on a bit of corrugated cardboard to lift it up from the background a bit. Then I made an embellishment cluster using some mini blooms, feathers from my own stash, and some collectables.

2015-05-02 12.24.55

At the end I decided some of the red random stamping got lost, so I added some more using black Stazon ink.

2015-05-02 12.25.02 Some more close ups:2015-05-02 12.25.07The dimension:

2015-05-02 12.25.24

And the completed layout:2015-05-02 12.24.49

I just adore this collection, and I love using mixed media on my layouts, so I am so happy that Kaisercrafts do mists and stencils, inks and paints!!


Mist and stencil tutorial layout

Hi everyone, It’s Pam here.

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed working with Kaisercraft’s ‘Oh So Lovely’ collection this month. Oh so lovely just doesn’t do justice to this collection which provides just the right balance between pretty and rustic. It’s feminine with it’s colour palette and flowers, but also has a masculine distressed and country look.

So here’s a layout I made to showcase these old photos of my daughter when she was just a chubby baby.

2015-04-07 17.28.57copyThis month I also got to play with a new stencil and the new Kaisercrafts mists in pink.2015-04-07 13.44.46 I wanted to ensure no stray ink escaped onto my clean white card stock, so I ran a row of repositionable adhesive around the stencil, and adhered some copy paper to protect my card stock.

Make sure you give the mist bottle a good mix to ensure even distribution of glimmer. I find the best way is to hold the bottle at the top and keeping it upright, swirl the bottle round and round. Resist the temptation to shake it up and down, as you will get lots of air bubbles and possibly the spray will be uneven and result in blots. Hold the spray about 20 cms from the page and move the bottle over the stencil while spraying. Take care not to add too much spray at once as you don’t want the ink to puddle and seep under the stencil. Either allow the ink to dry between applications, or use paper towel to mop up any excess before adding another layer of spray.2015-04-07 13.45.32 It’s a real shame that you can’t see how glimmery these mists are. They have a real metallic lustre along with gorgeous colours.2015-04-07 13.47.55 Having allowed the mist to dry I began to add some different elements: Some fussy cutting of the ‘Woman’ paper, and some rectangles of map paper from the ‘Lass’ paper.2015-04-07 14.26.25 I then began to embellish the layout using some of the die cut collectables.2015-04-07 14.45.31

A little bit of black pen work helps things to ‘pop’.2015-04-07 17.29.16

a couple more close ups:
2015-04-07 17.29.10 2015-04-07 17.29.26

2015-04-07 17.28.57copyI do hope this layout has whet your appetite for this beautiful collection.


Oh So Lovely

Hello everyone, It’s Pam here!

I was so excited to be sent the “Oh So Lovely’ collection from Kaisercraft to play with this month. It is so so pretty and I loved having the opportunity to do some fussy cutting and using some soft colours. Also in my package this month was a bottle of the new Kaisermists so I’ve had fun playing with that too.

So here’s my first layout this month:2015-05-01 13.36.53The first thing I did to make the layout was to add some colour to the ‘Lady’ gloss embossed paper. If you click through to the link you will see the embossed paper looks as though it has black gloss embossing, but this is just so the embossing is visible on screen. In reality the embossing is white. It is very pretty and subtle as it is, but I wanted to make it pop a bit. So I took a large soft watercolour brush and put a few
drops of water into a cup, added a couple of squirts of Kaisermist spray ink and painted the ink wash all over the paper:

2015-05-01 12.41.52

While that was drying I took a craft knife and cut the middle out of the Mademoiselle frame paper:

2015-05-01 12.42.10

I wanted to give the frame some dimension-to lift it off the background bit. To do this I cut strips of cardboard to size to reinforce the frame. I used two pieces on each side of the frame, one on top of the other to add extra height. Apologies for this poorly focused photo, but I hope it helps you understand what I just described:

2015-05-01 12.46.00Then I began assembling my layout. I placed the frame on top of my background as I did the assembling to ensure that everything was in the right place, but I didn’t adhere the frame until the end.

2015-05-01 13.09.05

2015-05-01 13.31.19

When I had adhered all the inner elements I finally placed the frame over the top and adhered it.

Here are some close ups:

Don’t you love those wee epoxy sticker hearts?

2015-05-01 13.37.08You can see how the addition of the cardboard underneath adds dimension to the layout:2015-05-01 13.38.14So there it is, my dimensional framed layout of my daughter using Kaisermist as a watercolour wash to colour the background.

2015-05-01 13.36.53I hope you love ‘Oh So Lovely’ collection as much as I do!


Ballet Performance

Hi there, it’s Pam again, with another ‘On Stage’ layout.

This is a photo of my great niece on stage at a ballet performance.
2015-03-14 15.44.51 copyI started this layout by using the Ovation paper as a background, adding a large smear of gesso, and some black ink spots.

2015-03-14 15.23.15

Kaisercraft collectables and sticker sheets make layouts so easy. I just added some strips from the sticker sheets..2015-03-14 15.29.34...and some die cuts from the collectables.2015-03-14 15.45.04And some black rhinestones.2015-03-14 15.45.12

Voila- one finished layout. 2015-03-14 15.44.51 copy

It doesn’t get any easier than that does it?


Embossing Folders

Hi everyone, it’s Pam here.

Did you know that Kaisercraft are now producing embossing folders? You might like to take a look here to see the fabulous folders available at present. I love that at 12.5cm x 17.5 cm these folders are slightly larger than many others available. I also love that they make such a crisp image.

So this month I got to play with the Sentiments folder. I made an art journal page:

2015-03-14 16.49.10

And a card:

2015-03-14 13.21.47

To make these I first glued tissue paper to card stock, one in random torn strips:2015-03-14 10.26.00 And the other in cut squares and rectangles:2015-03-14 10.26.14 Then I trimmed them and ran them through my cuttlebug:2015-03-14 12.08.37 Look how crisp the embossing is:
2015-03-14 12.08.51

On one I used a black Stazon ink pad to catch the raised embossed letters to make them stand out:

2015-03-14 12.11.52And I cut out one of the sentiments to use on this card-and my favourite Arty stamp makes an appearance too:2015-03-14 13.21.47

For my Art journal page I used a white ink pad to highlight the embossed letters. I then cut out some of the sentiments and adhered them to the page. To finish the page I added some paint effects and doodles.

2015-03-14 16.49.10

If you like embossing then why not try Kaisercraft Embossing Folders – you won’t be disappointed!