Merly Impressions Retreat: A card class

Hello everybody! Let me tell you, I have just come back from the Merly Impressions retreat and I am still buzzing with excitement!!! I had so much  fun and met some amazing people!

Chrissy and I had a surprise class up our sleeve and had planned a simple and informal card class. I was overwhelmed with the response from the delegates! During the class, everybody was able to create three gorgeous cards following a few tips and guidelines to reproduce my designs but still making them “their own”! I was gobsmacked with the sheer talents present and I too have learned immensely as well as have been inspired by brand new ideas.

So let me show you the cards I designed during this class:

As a base kit everybody had three cards and envelopes, four tags from the First Love sheet of the Secret Admirer collection,  a few blooms in Sea Breeze, Hot Pink and Grape as well as some gorgeous sparklets in Sea Breeze, Crimson and Coral.

For this card I decided to use the Arty Background stamp do add drama.


For this card I decided to create an explosion of colours with distress stains in Picked Raspberry, Peacock Feathers and Seedless Preserves as well as adding a little “Je ne sais quoi” to the flowers by blinging them with some Antiqued Bronze stain. I also added a bit of detail with the lacy stamp from the Miss Match set.


For this last card I went for the Check-in stamp as my background and some splashes of Picked Raspberry stain.

I had a lot of fun designing those cards and I hope I was able to inspire you to get creative with just a few bits of stash!

Product Focus: Hopscotch Collection Part 3

Hello everybody and welcome to the third and last part of this months product focus!

As always I decided to end this trilogy with a card.

This collection really gave me a taste for doodling! I used one of the collectables as my centre piece and made my sentiment using the mini alphas from the sticker sheet. I simply got the letters to “pop” more by tracing over them with a black pen. I stamped the flower dirrectly onto a sheet from the paper pad and blinged up the heart of it with one of those gorgeous sticky gems. A few blooms in Honey and Coral alongside some extra doodles and this card is ready to be sent to someone special! I really had a lot of fun with this collection and it has surprisingly has become one of my favourites!

I hope this inspired you!

Emilie xxx

Product Focus: Hopscotch Collection, Part 2

Welcome back to part two of this Product Focus dedicated the the Hopscotch collection.

In the previous instalment I was telling you how the “craziness” of the patterns made it so easy to me to come up with a layout. Well, there is more to this about this collection! Behind all this craziness there is a very cleverly designed collection all made so to help you create quick but gorgeous layouts!

I loved the Wonderous paper! It is designed so that all you need to think about is what photo to use and which title to choose! All the hard thinking is already done for you! I decided to layer some papers from the Paper Pad to add dimension behind my photograph, a few stickers from the sticker sheet to add interest and help it all merge together and finally crated my title with words found in the packet of Collectables.

I had so much fun creating this layout! It was so easy but yet I felt I was still able it make it mine.

I hope this inspired you!

Emilie  xx

Product Focus: Hopscotch Collection, Part 1

I didn’t plan for this to happen but I actually fell crazy in love with the new Hopscotch collection! So much so that I decided to dedicate an entire “Product Focus” trilogy to this amazing collection! I won’t talk about a specific product but more about all those little things that really appealed to me in this brand new collection.

So part one: as usual, a layout.

As I said, I loved many things about this collection and with this layout I wanted to talk about the amazing colours and designs! It is so fresh, young and modern! I love the randomness of all the elements. It really makes designing a layout super easy because where ever you decide to place your photo, it works! I decided to play along with the general design of the FAB paper by adding all my journalling dropping down the page with doodles and by inserting my photograph with the help of the Stickers and some Collectables. This layout came together in no time at all, ideal if you need a quick crafting fix and I love the final result!

I hope this inspired you!

Emilie xx

Product Focus: Ribbon Roses – Part 3

Welcome to the last part of this month’s product focus! I really loved playing with this Ribbon Roses and the gorgeous 75 cents collection!

To finish off this session, I decided to conclude with a card.

I pressed my bottle of Tea Dye Distress Stain onto my card in an horizontal line and then helped it drip down. I quickly dried it with my heat gun to avoid the paper fibres absorbing and spreading the ink. I then traced around the patch of ink with a black pen and layered paper tape, die-cuts from the paper pad, collectable, ribbon and blooms onto my card with a single rose from the Ribbon Roses. You know the feeling when you have completed a project and just love everything about how it turned out? Well this card is just “it” for me! I just LOVE it! I even have it on display in my craft room!

Anyway, I hope this series inspired you and that you’ll be using your Ribbon Roses in a whole lot of creative ways!

Emilie xxx

Product Focus: Ribbon Roses – Part 2

Hello and welcome back to this second part of my product focus on those gorgeous Ribbon Roses!

I told you in this first part of this Product Focus that I am not the most comfortable at using ribbons in my scrapbooking and that it was the reason why I decided, in a masochist kind of way, to create three projects using this ribbon. I thought though that I had taken it easy with my first layout as I only had used one small piece and that therefor, to really push myself, I should go full on with this second layout and make those gorgeous fabric blooms the main feature of my page.

In order to create a layout with a lot a ribbon but without actually out-staging the photograph I decided to go for a strong image with a lot of contrast. This is a photo of my brother and his girlfriend and I loved how it was framed and treated. The subject are in very close focus and the colours have a bit of a vintage feel. There is a lot of contrast too so I knew I would be able to go for a heavy background with plenty of embellishments without loosing the subject. The chevron paper “Tuppence” is perfect for this image as it is young but yet with that vintage feel that the photo has. I added some Tea Dye Distress Stains in the middle of the sheet letting it drip down to add even more “rust” to the general feel. I then layered some papers from the paper pad onto which I mounted my photograph followed by a few collectables. A cluster of paper blooms in Terracotta and Ruby as well as a little bit of paper tape for an extra “je-ne-sais-quoi” and it was time for my Ribbon Roses. I decided to use a whole length as “support” for my photograph but helped it merge with the rest of the embellishments by covering the link with a butterfly from the collectables pack. I also balanced the design by adding a single rose in the top right corner of my photo with another butterfly. I decided to create my title by stamping the words Precious Memories from the Botanical Odyssey stamp set onto some paper from the paper pad.

I am pleased with how this layout turned out! It is very different from what I usually do and I don’t think anyone would easily recognise it as one of mine as there isn’t any of my usual “trademarks” i.e. small photograph, stamped journalling, etc… but it felt good to get out of my comfort zone!

I hope this inspired you try new things! See you on the third and last instalment!

Emilie xxx

Product Focus: Ribbon Roses – Part 1

You know me, I love flowers and blooms but I am not really one to use ribbons in my scrapbooking. It is not that I don’t like them, I simply don’t really know how to incorporate them in my designs except in very small touches. So when I opened my goody box this month and saw the gorgeous Ribbon Roses, I was at first a bit taken aback… How could I use it?

The fact that I had to ask myself this question pushed me to take the decision to use the Ribbon Roses as my Product Focus for this month.

Like many of you I fell head over hills in love with the 75 cent collection and I decided to use my Mint Rose Ribbon in association with this gorgeous collection. Here I mounted different layers of papers from the paper pad onto this gorgeous background paper “Penny” that has an amazing textured look. I followed by adding my photograph to then layer my title, a few Collectables and some paper blooms in Ruby and Honey. So where does my ribbon come into play  hear you say… Well, the great thing about this ribbon is that you can either use it as a whole strip or you can also cut it in order to just use one flower at a time, which is what I did here! I love the extra texture it add to my layout!

I hope this inspired you and to see for the next part of this product focus!

Emilie xxx

Product Focus: New Distress Stains – Part 3

Welcome to the third and final part of this Product Focus on the New Distress Stains!

Today I am sharing a simple card.

For this card I used the Distress Stains in Peacock Feathers and Squeezed Lemonade. I then stamped a flourish design from the Botanical Odyssey Stamp set and the “Birthday” word from the 365 Collection Stamp Set. The “Happy” label come from the Botanical Odyssey Paper Pad. I finished off the card with a few blooms in Hot Pink and Amethyst as well as a black Resin Flower.

I love the happy colours of this card!

I hope this Product Focus inspired you! I can’t wait to see you all use your Distress Stains!

Emilie xxx

Product Focus: New Distress Stains – Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my Product Focus on the new shades of Distress Stains.

In a moment of brightness I thought “Could I write with my stains in order to create my background?” Usually those moments of so called “brightness” turn into disasters but on this occasion I really liked the result so decided to go through with it and use the sheet of 12×12 created for a background.

I first inked the edges with some Spun Sugar Distress Ink and a blending tool. I then wrote my words with the Stains in Picked Raspberry, Peacock Feathers, Squeezed Lemonade and Dusty Concord (Yep, picked-up an older shade by mistake but still, it looks good!) and traced a black line around them with a black pen. I then layered my photo onto squares of papers I did cut-out from the Botanical Odyssey Paper Pad, added a sticker strip from the Sticker Sheet and finished off with blooms in Sea Breeze, Hot Pink and Amethyst as well as a wood Bee. There you go! A different take on the Distress Stains!

I hope this inspired you and that I will see you around of the third and last part of this Product Focus!

Emilie xxx

Product Focus: New Distress Stains – Part 1

Well, you know my deep love for the Distress Stains from Ranger and when I received a few new shades in my goodie box I decided to use them for my product focus!

So I hear you say, what is different or new from any other Distress Stains? Well, the colours are A-mazing!!! So bright and cheerful!!! But as you can use them exactly the same way as you use any other shades of stains I decided to show you three different uses for them. I hope you will come along for this three parts Product focus and that you will find some inspiration to use your stains!

Let’s start this part 1. Here I am sharing a very quick and simple yet effective layout. Perfect for a quick scrapping fix!

I used the shades Seedless Preserves, Picked Raspberry and Peacock Feathers. Fabulous colours! I applied them by tapping rapidly the heads of each stains directly onto my background to create big splashes of colours. I decided to marry them with some words vignettes from the collectables from the Botanical Odyssey as the colours worked so well together. You know me, a layout isn’t complete without a few blooms so I added three flowers in Sea Breeze, Amethyst and Hot Pink. I finished the layout off with a few stamped images from the Botanical Odyssey Stamp Set. Gosh I love this little bird!

So there it is for part 1! I hope that this inspired you and that I will see you around for part 2!

Emilie xxx