Christmas Mini Album

Do you have guests over for Christmas dinner? If so, how about giving them a little memento of the day by making a mini album? I have made a mini album for my mother-in law, all ready to be filled with photos of the day, which she can take away with her to show her friends how she spent Christmas. On Christmas day, during the after dinner slump, while she is watching TV (or snoozing on the sofa), I will print off some of the photos taken earlier, stick them in and voila- the album will be ready to give.

I used the Kaisercraft St Nicholas collection for the album.

The album is a little like those folded postcard albums you can buy in tourist shops. So here’s what the album looks like all folded up:

MI Nov-1160039

You will notice the closure belt is quite roomy-that is to ensure that it will accommodate the extra bulk when the photos are added.

Here’s how the album opens:

MI Nov-1160041


MI Nov-1160042

And finally, the side flaps:

MI Nov-1160043

This is a really simple and quick album to make-which is perfect for this busy time of the year!

Take a piece of cardstock.

MI Nov-1160022

Cut the cardstock as shown:

Cut one 6″x12″ long piece. Mark at 4″ and 8″, then make two score lines just slightly to each side of the mark. This will make a very small ‘gusset’ to allow for bulk when folded.

Cut three 5.75″ x 6″ pieces. Score 1″ across the short end.

If desired, round the corners as shown in the photo. Adhere the three side flaps. Place adhesive onto the 1″ fold and adhere just inside the edges of the long strip.

Then cover the album, outside and inside with your choice of patterned paper. Don’t forget to round the corners before adhering!

To make the belt closure, cut a strip of cardstock 1.5″ wide to fit around the album-you will need to join an extra small piece so the strip is around 14″ by 1.5″. Form the belt into a circle that slips easily onto the album, allowing some extra space for the bulk the photos will add to the finished album. Decorate the closure with patterned paper, ribbon and a diecut.



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  1. What a fabulous idea Pam – I think I may make one and get the kids to print the photos to give to me!

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