Matchbook Mini Album with Pen and Ink


Karen here with my last project, this month using Pen and Ink.  For this project I have made a little matchbook photo folder using the 6.5 x 6.5 pad for photos of my daughter’s puppy to give to her when she comes home for the weekend soon.


I started with four 6 x 4 kraft cards and cut them down to 3.5 ins square.  These formed the basis of my folder.  I cut one in half along the fold.

To join my cards together I cut the front from an envelope and cut four 1 in x 3.5 in pieces, scoring these length-ways at .5 ins.  To make the pockets use the folded strips to join the cut down cards, starting with one of the ones you cut in half, then the three folded cards and finally the last one that has been cut in half.  When you have finished you should have a long strip of cards.  In the photo below I have added the paper from the step below but pulled it off again as I decided to add it later.


Next, using the front of an envelope, cut eight pieces of paper measuring 3.5 ins tall, with the top measuring 2 ins and the bottom measuring 1 in.  Score each piece down the centre, turn over and score .5 in from each side.


With the folds of the cards uppermost, make pockets by sticking the scored pieces along the edge of each of the cards.


From your 6.5 inch pad cut eight pieces of paper 3.25ins square and add to the inside of the pockets.

From a piece of Mocha cardstock, cut a piece 10ins x 4ins and score at 1.5ins, 2ins, 5.75 and 6.25 and fold to make a matchbook style cover for your project.  Using red tape, attach the pockets to the centre of the two squares of your cover. Use a corner rounder on the two corners of the flap.


I cut four ‘Bingo Cards’  from the 6.5 x 6.5 pad and mounted these onto the remaining piece of Mocha cardstock.  I popped these into the pockets and will add a photo on the front and back.



Finally, I used pieces of the beautiful gloss butterfly paper from the pad on my cover and cut one of the large butterflies from the Antiques paper.  Finally, I added a scallop border and a phrase from the sticker sheet.  To close my little booklet I used a black elastic hair fastener.


Karen xxx