A Huge Thank You to all our Retreat Guests

We just want to say a big thank you to everyone that attended our first ever Merly Impressions retreat – we had an absolute blast and we really hope you did to.

We are truely touched by all your kind comments but in truth it was you, our guests (who we are now proud to call our friends), that made the weekend so special. We never expected to be part of a weekend filled with quite so much fun, laughter, positivity, creativity and friendship. Yes, there were hiccups along the way but we are truely grateful that our guests always filled the room with smiles and simply had fun.

All our guests had four kits (although many added bought more from the shop) and we were amazed by the variety of projects created from them. Many people did not finish all the kits – we hope you will continue to enjoy them at home. A few guests also managed to create a special journal from the fifth (surprise) kit.

We have many people to thank and we apologise if we miss someone out…

Firstly Emilie – your classes were inspirational and your energy boundless !  We hope that you will continue to inspire readers on our blog and that you will continue to be our friend for a very long time.

Thank you to Chloe & Merley who were absoloute stars working away in the shop and thank you to Mim & Anna for helping us set up on the Friday.

And thank you to everyone who made us laugh – Cathy (that’s with a “C” not a “K”), (not so mad) Jean, Chris (we’ll get you a lower chair next time), Lynne (one day you really will jump off a mountain), Margaret (who kept us all amused in the “refurbished” dining room), Val (we’ll sort out a label for your ham sandwiches next time), Gwyneth (thanks for the Marmite), and so many more (we are really sorry that we cannot mention everyone who made us laugh).

And thanks to the one who made me cry as well – Sarah – I was so touched by the surprise card you organised on Sunday.

We also want to say a special Hi to Janet who couldn’t make the retreat – you were missed and hope you feel better soon.

Lots of you have asked about “the next one”. Nothing is decided yet (we are too tired) but your positivity is tempting us to do it all again next year. We’ll keep everyone in touch with plans when they develop.

Thank you again everyone. Any comments are very much appreciated.

Chrissy, Paul & Merley xXx


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