Photo frame tutorial

It’s a time for tutorial!

Have you ever wonder what can you make out of a simple foam? No? Well I have and I will show you what I did with it 😉

Here is my foam:


I’ve got it out of a package that my other half received his new PC cooler fan in, but you can cut out the same shape out of any foam 😉


and here is what I did with it 😉 Let me talk you through now so you know where to start 😉


Using the Bluebell Collection I have cut out strips of papers matching the size of the frame (you just have to check what sizes is yours) and simply glue them around the frame. Don’t worry if you have any of the foam coming through in some places, just use some masking tape or washi tape to cover it :)


When you’ve got all your frame covered nicely with papers and washi/masking tape, then it’s time to decorate it with flowers, wording or anything that will match the papers you have used.


I have made my frame mainly for the wall, but it can stand too. If you want to make it ready for hanging on the wall, simply glue a little string at the back. And voila! – you have finished!

hugs xxx



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