Product Focus July 2013 – Part 2

Welcome back to our second part of this months Product Focus! So this month we are focussing on the Collectables and the Rub-ons from the Porcelain Rose collection. This collection was just made for me! I often fall into the traps of fashion and end-up buying products that I then struggle to use while staying true to my style. I know have kind of a mental check-list in order to help me decide if a collection will work for me: is it bright? Has it got white (I am not a fan of cream)? Will it work with black? Is it a bit shabby/ feminine?

This list guides me but I do try to keep an open mind and go out of my comfort zone as lately the Hopscotch collection surprised me by becoming one of my favourite!

IMG_9564I added a paper bloom in coconut and two small flowers in fire red. I then finished it off with one gorgeous Sparklet! I hope this inspired you!

Emilie xxx


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