A Stamp Only Layout for Summer

Are you the kind of crafter who uses background stamps only for backgrounds, alphabet stamps only to write words, image stamps only as an embellishment? Do you believe that you can only use a stamp for what it was designed to do? Well I am here to help you look at your stamps in a new light and to help you make the most of them!

The idea is turn your stamps use around. Here is how I used some of my Kaisercraft stamps for this layout:

August 2012 Stamps Only Layout

I used the Miss Match Bingo stamps, the Check-in stamps and the Grungy Alphas stamps to create my backgrounds. I showed you previously how to create the colour background I used once more here, but the idea is to either repeat an image to cover your paper (as done with the Check-in stamp) or to stamp the whole sheet of stamps to create a background image (as I did for with the Bingo cards stamps and the alphas). It is a fantastic way to give a new lease of life to your well used, well loved stamps. To make it quicker to stamp the whole sheet of stamps (especially the alphas), leave all the stamps on the backing sheet, ink them but then put the paper on the stamps, place your acrylic block on top of the paper and press down. It’s to create a patterned paper that will sit in the back of the layout so the image doesn’t need to be perfect and I think that the imperfection actually add some personality and edginess!

Here is how I used my papers:

August 2012 Stamps Only Layout - finished

I created a fourth paper with the Grid Background stamp simply because I wanted something lighter in colour to break between the background and the photograph. Still with the idea of changing the use of my stamps I added lonely spots of stamping behind my photograph with the Bubble wrap stamp and the Graffiti stamp. These are designed to be used repeatedly in order to cover wide surfaces but I wanted to show you that you can use it too by just stamping them once! I finished off my page with some Miss Match gorgeousness by adding some of the Collectables and some of the pieces that come with the Paper Pad. Some gorgeous Paper Blooms and Resin Flowers and I was happy with the finished result!

I hope I inspired you to look at your stamps in a new light!


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