Adding a few stitches

Hello everybody! I am very excited to share today’s tutorial with you! This is one of my favorite techniques to add onto my layouts: stitching!

Pattern 01

Stitching gives lovely detail and dimension on layouts. This time I stitched with a machine directly onto the photo on the layout following the pattern in the picture. I used the beautiful Enchanted Garden Collection to make this layout.

Pattern 02I started like I almost always do by finding matching papers to go well with the photo.

Pattern 03I attached the photo onto a piece of patterned paper with a little double sided tape, just enough to keep it in place when stitching.

Pattern 04I wanted to use three different colors from the photo for the stitches. I went through my box of thread spools and found just what I needed.

Pattern 05I removed the foot of the sewing machine to make it easier to see the needle as the patterns I followed were rather tiny.

Pattern 06For such a small pattern to sew for most of the time I actually preferred to manually move the needle by turning the wheel on the side of the sewing machine instead of pressing the pedal with my foot. This way I got more control over the stitching but as you can imagine it was very time consuming!

Pattern 07

Pattern 08After I had finished the stitching I secured the stitching and thread ends with some tape to make sure nothing starts to come off later.

Pattern 09All the hard work paid off and the texture looks wonderful on the photo!

Pattern 10

As I am a big fan of ink sprays and mists I added some of them on the background paper before attaching anything on.

Pattern 11

I finished the layout with some layering and cute Enchanted Garden Collectables.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial today and give a go with stitching on your photos!



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