Grey, White and a Title Tip

I always tend to add my title to the layouts as the last part of the creative process. It goes where there is space, where it fits. For this purpose I have a simple but so very useful method which I am sharing with you today.

she thinks a lot 01

I made a layout that I wanted to be light and airy as the subject is a bit heavy and personal. Lately there has been lots going on in my life and many things occupying my mind which has caused lots of thoughts, often in the middle of the night. So, I would actually say this was nice therapy session for me, to create a layout about something that feels a bit difficult at the moment.

I used again papers of my all-time-favorite Base Coat Collection as well as the Sticker Sheet and Collectables. The stamp is Chicken Wire background stamp.

she thinks a lot 02

So, about the title technique! As I haven’t got a place for the title really when the time for it comes, I need to test where it fits. What I do is take a slip of acetate and stick the alphabets on it.

title tutorial 02

When I have the whole title ready on the acetate it is easy to try it in different spots on the layout to see where it looks the best and if there is enough room for it.

title tutorial 01

Once I have decided where the title is going to be, it is easy to move the sticky letters from the acetate to their place on the layout. Easy and handy!



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