Those little things

Hi everybody! I am back with a layout!

Some of you might know that 2013 has been eventful for me so far and I am now back on the single market… Why do I tell you that I hear you say? Well, this kind of has put a spanner in the works scrapbooking wise as I don’t have as many things to talk about anymore… I had to find new subjects to document! What do you scrap about when you don’t have kids, partners, close by family, pets… Well you scrap about yourself and all those little things that bring a smile to your face on a daily basis… There is only so many pictures of me I can scrap before I bore you to death so I decided to try and scrap about random things I would have overlooked in the past…

And this is where this layout comes in the mix:


I decided to talk about a new bracelet I bought. Nothing fancy, available on the high street but I thought, hey, why not, maybe in 10 years time I will be looking at this layout and thinking “oh yeah I remember this!”, bringing a smile to my face…

The In the attic collection worked perfectly with the colours of my photograph. I loved layering the papers! It made this layout so quick and easy to design! I also incorporated some stickers and a bloom to add details.

I hope this inspired you to scrap about those little everyday things!

Emilie xxx


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