Under £10 Project (May 2012) – Part 3

Welcome to the third and final part of this “Under £10 Project”. Have you had fun so far? We hope you did and we can’t wait to see how we have inspired you!

So far we have used a journal pen, paint and careful cutting out to create two layouts from our Charlotte’s Dream themed Under £10 kit. For the last part of this project I decided to focus on making the most of what we have left:

Under £10 project - layout 3

In part 1 of the project we cut a hole in the centre of the “Vision” paper. For this layout I covered the hole with a big square of the glossy “Prayer” paper. I used white paint to tame the brightness of the aqua so that my photograph wouldn’t be too overwhelmed. Once the paint has dried, rub it off with a damp tissue to get the glossy pattern to appear.

Under £10 project - layout 3, detail 1

You don’t have the letters you need to finish your text? How about “texting” it? I know a lot of people don’t like those abbreviation but they are part of our everyday life and they really are a testimony of our generation and of the modern days! Also use numbers to replace some letters such as an upside down 3 for a E or a 0 for a O…

Under £10 project - layout 3, detail 2

And to finish off, layer stickers or paper snippets in place of embellishments. It will add interest and details where you would otherwise have had just one poor flower on it’s own!

Want to know what was left at the end of those three projects?

Under £10 project - leftovers

This is not much for sure but I know I could decorate a card with it – and I just might so watch this space! Also alphas are always a keeper for sure so there will be no waste there.

I hope you liked those projects and that you will be back for next months Under £10 Project.


Under £10 Project (May 2012) – Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of our “Under £10 Projects” for May! We hope you enjoyed what you’ve seen so far.

Today I have completed another layout using the Under £10 Kit featuring the Kaisercraft Charlotte’s Dream collection. This time I will show you how to give the impression that you are using a lot more layers than you actually are.

Under £10 project - Part 2

I created the impression of an extra layer of paper on the top right of this layout by drawing over the existing pattern with a black pen in the place where I would have normally added some extra papers. It brings detail without needing to use any more stash.

Under £10 project - Part 2 - detail 1

You see it doesn’t need to be perfect! I also jazzed-up my glossy paper by rubbing some distress ink over it. It really made the design pop out! It’s a great way to make any gloss or varnished paper stand out! Why not try this technique with an image you have clear embossed on card stock?

Under £10 project - Part 2 - detail 2 Under £10 project - Part 2 - detail 3

A great way of adding layers is by cutting out a shape in your background, backing it with some paper so that you can re-use the shape you first cut out: example with the bunting: I first cut the triangles out of the background to then re-use them by turning them over and sticking them down. Also try and make the most out of the strips that come at the bottom of your Kaisercraft 12×12 sheets.

Under £10 project - Part 2 - detail 4

Running out of Alpha stickers? Have you ever thought of using the “negative” image of it? It really can add interest to your title and get you out of a sticky situation! (Do you like the pun?!)

I hope I have given you a few more ideas and techniques and inspired you to try them out. Keep your eyes open for the third and last part of our “Under £10 Project”!


Under £10 project: The kit!

Last Thursday I was able to introduce you to the new project we have just launched at Merly Impressions: the Under £10 project where I put together products for a total value of a maximum of £10 and design a minimum of three layouts with them without adding any extra papers or embellishments. Well today I am very pleased to let you know that we have decided to make your life that little bit easier by putting those products into a kit.

May 2012 Under £10 pack

No subscriptions, it is just a matter of you liking it and buying it! It is perfect for you to play along with my projects! Don’t forget there are two more layouts to come! You can find my first layout here and you can purchase the kit here. Want to see more? Well, let me tease you…

May 2012 Under £10 teasers

Liking what you see? Then join me with this project! It’s a lot of fun! Keep your eyes open for the next two layouts!


Under £10 Project (May 2012) – Part 1

We all like to treat ourselves now and again. There is nothing better after a lot of hard graft than to spend a little bit of money on brand new stash. But in those times when we need to save and think of the future we can find it hard to choose what to buy and how to use it! We are pressured not to waste and this can often take the pleasure out of our hobbies. This is why after some brain storming on how to bring you the best inspiration available as well as value for money we came up with:

What is it exactly? Well, every month I will select for you £10 max worth of goodies (P and P not included) and create a minimum of three projects with it. No extra embellishments or papers. I will also share with you my tips on what to look for when buying on a budget and on how to make the most of what you have got. Are you excited yet? So let’s start!!!

This month I chose for you elements from the Charlottes Dream collection:

Under £10 project - May 2012 - image 1

We have two sheets of double sided 12×12 papers (Vision and Fantasy), one sheet of speciality paper (Prayer gloss), one sheet of die-cut paper (Contemplate), the sticker sheet and a packet of mini blooms in the sea breeze shade. It all come to a total of £9,94. Why didn’t I choose only the cheapest papers? The die-cut paper is so gorgeous you will definitely feel spoilt but it also has enough printing on it to minimise the need for extra embellishment. The glossy paper is perfect for inking and painting on as the clear-embossed flourishes will remain the same colour after you’ve played with it: it will give the illusion that you had more papers to start with. I chose the sticker sheet as it is a great way to embellish your layouts on a budget and it contain the alphas you will need. The mini blooms are here for extra dimension and texture as well making your layouts more expansive.

I used those basic tools:

Under £10 project - May 2012 - Image 2

Now you know the ins and outs of this new project here is my first layout:

Under £10 project - May 2012

Under £10 project - May 2012 - image 4 Under £10 project - May 2012 - image 6

I used five of my paper blooms on this layout and created my own paper flower out of the glossy paper. I also used some of the flowers from the sticker sheet to integrate the photograph into the background.

I mounted my photograph onto the “Vision” paper by cutting the paper like this:

Under £10 project - May 2012 - image 5

Always think ahead: When cutting into a sheet of patterned paper always think of how you will want to use the remainder. Here I knew I would use the rest of the sheet as the background of a future layout. I also saved the paper that would be hidden under the photograph for a future layout. This way I can get three layouts out of one sheet of patterned paper!

A few more details in the top corner of the layout to balance the design and this layout is completed! Want to know what else I created with the leftovers? Well keep your eyes open for future posts as I have two more projects and extra tips to share with you!!!