Do All Things With Love with Amethyst

Hello, Karen here with a page I have made using the absolutely stunning Amethyst collection – as purple is my favourite colour I couldn’t wait to get going with these. papers.

I was especially excited to try the Full Roses 6 x 6 Stencil as I could see the potential of creating beautiful inked corners on my project. I choose two green and two purple Kaisercraft inks – Orchid, Plum, Avocado and Green.

I started by cutting a piece of Snow Weave Kaisercard to 8 ins square. On the reverse of this (the smooth side) I used washi tape to hold my stencil in the top left corner, ensuring the top and left of the stencil were aligned with the edges of the cardstock. I used Cut n Dry to add the Orchid and green inks to the open roses, then aligned it with the bottom and right of the card and did the same.

Next I placed the detailed part of the stencil at the top left of my card and used the sponges and Plum and Avocardo to add the details repeating at the bottom right.

I then drew a half inch border, using a pencil, around the two plain corners and carried this around the flowers but with a much smaller gap.

I used a craft knife to remove the inside of the pencil line and added a piece of Gem behind it.

Next I took another piece of Snow Weave Kaisercard and splatterd it with three Kaisermists in Navy, Lavender and Tourquoise. I then added a rose corner to the top left and bottom right using the Full Roses 6 x 6 Stencil.

Then I took two pieces of Mistique and fussy cut all the roses. I started to build my page by adding the rose frame to the centre of my page, on Mounting Foam Dots, and then tucked the fussy cut roses underneath it at the bottom left and top right of my page – I used Mounting Foam Dots to lift some of the flowers. To the bottom of my frame I placed the phrase from the Flutter paper and a phrase taken from the Jewel paper and cut down slightly.

Finally I added my photo to the centre of the frame, tucking two corners underneath and two butterflies fussy cut from the Flutter paper.

I hope I have inspired you to try out the Full Roses 6 x 6 Stencil as it is such a lovely way to embellish your paper projects and I think it would look spectacular if used on a card.

Karen x

Perfect Day with Sunkissed

Hello, Karen here with another scrapbook page using Sunkissed – which may well be my favourite range this year, to date.  I knew I wanted to do something with the glorious wreath on the  the Martini paper and thought it was worth sacrificing all the phrases on the front to fussy cut this out.
Perfect Day

I also fussy cut the smaller wreath from the Pineapple Sour paper along with the two butterflies from this paper too and used pieces cut from Pina Colada,  and Tutti Fruitti.


I started by trimming .25 in from all sides of a piece of Coconut paper and adding this to some Coal weave Kaisercard. I then mounted a 5in x 5.5in photo onto another piece of Coal weave Kaisercard and added to the centre of my page.

Onto this I added the large, fussy cut wreath.  I added a photo cut from a 4 x 6in one to the smaller wreath and this was placed at the bottom right of my a page.


To finish my page I added flowers to the three remaining corners and dotted my butterflies about my page.  I had previously added Stickles to the bodies of my butterflies to give them a little sparkle.  All that was needed to finish my page was to add the ‘Perfect Day’ arrow from the Collectables pack. 

Perfect Day

IMG_3309 IMG_3308

I hope I have inspired you to try using this lovely wreath on one of your scrapbook pages/.

Karen xxx




Using Only 3 Papers to Make 2 Layouts with Urban Garden

Hello, Karen here with an extra blog post.  I run a crop and teach a class at it most months.  This month, for the class, I have used Urban Garden from Uniquely Creative.  This is a fabulous range as you can get so much out of each paper.

You Are My Happy - Merly

My budget for a class is between £5.00 and £6.00 and this month I have been able to make two scrapbook layouts from just three pieces of paper, two pieces of card,  some sequins, gems and Kaisermist.

The supplies I have used are Nursery Garden, Market Garden and Nature Strip papers, 2 pieces of Snow Weave KaiserCard, Iridescent Pearls, Violet Garden SequinLavender KaiserMist and of course lots and lots of Mounting Foam Dots.

You Are My Happy

I started by cutting approximately 1.5 ins from the top and bottom of the  Nature Strip paper – making sure not to cut into the flower wreath. I then fussy cut out the wreath.  From Nursery Garden paper I fussy cut everything then from the Market Garden paper I cut all the 3 x 4 cards, 2 x 2 cards and strips, remembering to set aside the branding strips from the three papers. This did take quite a time but it was well worth it as I then had lots of elements to play with.


Add one 1.5 piece of script paper (cut from the Nature Strip paper), horizontally to of a piece of white card 6ins from the bottom. Add the flower wreath 1.5 ins from the left and 2.5 ins from the bottom – I used Mounting Foam Dots.  to give it some dimension.

Place a large fussy cut sprig of flowers under each of the two on the wreath – again I used Mounting Foam Dots.   Build up your clusters using your fussy cut flowers and leaves NOTE save one of the large flower clusters for your second page.

IMG_2617 IMG_2618

Use the ‘Our Story’ from Nursery Garden along with the green and white polka dot 3 x 4 card and the ‘You are my Happy’ 3 x 4 card, trimmed to the green frame.  Arrange these along the top right of your wreath.  I used the green 3 x 4 card for my photo mount.


Finally add the blue butterflies and an Iridescent Pearl to the centre of each flower.


Live The Life You Love

Live the Life You Love - Merly

Start by cutting .5in from all of your remaining strips, including the branding strips so that they are 11.5 ins wide.  Add to the top of a piece of Snow Weave KaiserCard with a .25 border at the left, right and top.

Add some splatters using the Lavender KaiserMist and once dry place the small tags, cut from the Nursery Garden, in a banner along the top of your page, adding a small purple butterfly tonthe centre one, using Mounting Foam Dots for both the tags and the butterfly.


Mount your photo onto the gray 3 x 4 card, from the Nursary Garden paper, and add to the centre of your page underneath the bottom paper strip.  To this add your photo.  On the left add ‘Live the Life You Love’ and on the right add ‘Love This Life’ both of these are stuck approximately 1.25 ins above and tucked slightly under the photo mount. Add a green banner under each of these cards.


At the bottom of your photo place the final cluster of flowers with some additional leaves and butterflies, adhering with Mounting Foam Dots.


Write your journaling onto the small tags and add to the bottom right of your page.


Add OXOX, (cut from one of the 2 x 2 pieces) and the butterfly, cut from another, above your photo and also the heart which was cut from a third 2 x 2 piece.

To finish I added a small pearl to each of the little tags, three to each banner, one to the centre of each flower and then scattered some pearls and tiny sequins around my page in among the ink spatters.

I really was so pleased to be able to get such lovely pages from such frugal supplies.


Paradise with Sunkissed

Hello, Karen here with another layout using the amazingly fun and colourful Sunkissed range for which I had the perfect photo of Gracia from a few years ago. 

With the lockdown in progress I found I had loads of time on my hands for some fussy cutting and this range provides ample opportunity for this.  So I settled down to watch a film and fussy cut all the elements from Pina Colada, Pineapple Sour and Tutti Fruitti. Although, I knew I wouldn’t use all of these on one layout I would have them prepared for future projects.


I started this layout with a piece of Lime Weave Kaisercard and onto this I added a piece of Long Island paper which I had trimmed .25in from the bottom and right. I then added a sheet of green polka dot paper from the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pad. Next I fussy cut the flower borders from a piece of paper from the  6.5 x 6.5 paper pad which matched the Long Island paper and added this to the left of the polka dot paper.


To the right and left of my page I added some of my fussy cut elements along with some pieces from the Collectables pack.


Next I used the Clear Stamps  and black ink to stamp some additional butterflies onto the pineapple paper from the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pad and fussy cut these out too.


They were then tucked in and around my two large clusters on either side of my page.

To finish my page I added the word Paradise and and two phrases – from the Collectables pack and a ticket from the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pad .


The final touch was to add the wording from the branding strip of the Pineapple Sour paper.

Hope you all stay safe and are able to take your mind of things with a little crafting

Karen xxx

IMG_3653 IMG_3652 IMG_3651

Cards using Sunkissed

Hello, Karen here with three cards I have made using the remaining ‘fussy cut’ elements from my mammoth fussy cutting session earlier in the month.  I rarely make cards but there are three special people with birthdays in April – Gracia – my daughter, Hannah – her best friend and Denise – my best friend.

I used instructions from Pinterest to make the cards and so, for ease, will link these to this post.

Z Fold Box CardZ Fold Box Card 3
For the base of this card I used a piece of Lemonade weave Kaisercard and these instructions.  Once I had made my card base I covered it with the sheet of paper with pineapples on from the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pad. I also fussy cut the parrot, sheet with two sprigs of pink and white flowers and some clusters of leaves and flowers from this pad too.

I added a palm tree from the Collectables pack and a Happy Birthday ticket from the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pad.

Z Fold Box Card 2 Z Fold Box Card 1

Swing Corner Card

I started by using some 12 x 12 Coal weave Kaisercard for my base.  The instructions are here but I have drawn a template to make it a little easier.

Swing Card Template

Once I had cut and scored my card I then used glue to stick the triangle with the score to the back of the square below the one with the window in. So it would be the bottom left one on the template above.


I then decorated the front of my card with the square wreath from the Pineapple sour paper and a label from the  6.5 x 6.5 paper pad.

Swing Corner Card 1

To the two inside side pieces I used two pink and white papers, a square of flamingo paper and a tag from the  6.5 x 6.5 paper pad.

Swing Corner Card 3 Swing Corner Card 2

On the bottom panel I added a piece of pink paper from the  6.5 x 6.5 paper pad and some flowers and leaves from the  Collectables pack.

Swing Corner Card 4

Origami Star Card

Star Card 1

For the base of this card I used a piece of Kaisercraft smooth cardstock.  The instructions are here. For the paper on my card I used a sheet of Mojito and one sheet was enough for to cover all the panels.

At the top of my star I added a flower from the Collectables pack and a tag and tab (trimmed to fit)  from the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pad.

Star Card 2

Another piece from the  Collectables pack fitted perfectly onto the inside triangle along with a couple of pieces from the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pad.

So there we have my three cards ready to post off to their recipients.

Stay safe and hope you can get some craft time.

Karen xxx

We Just Knew We Were Having Fun with Native Breeze

Hello, Karen here with my first layout using Native Breeze from Kaisercraft.  Now I was a little unsure of this paper range as I thought I would struggle as it is very ‘Australian’ but no – it was a ‘breeze’ (see what I did there) to work with and I was able to make pages that I was really happy with.
We Didn't Realise

I started by spending a happy afternoon cutting all the flowers from two sheets of Wattle Flower, one sheet of Banksia Bouquet and the corresponding paper from the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pad.  I then had plenty of flowers for my layout with some to spare.

I cut a piece of  the remaining Wattle Flower to six inches tall and added it to the centre of a piece of Ink Weave Kaisercard. next I added a 4 in piece of Pink Protea (mustard side showing) and finally to the centre of this added a 3 in piece of Flowering.  I finished this central strip with rows of stitching to the top and bottom of both the Wattle Flower and Pink Protea.   My 3in x 4in photo was placed centrally onto this.


The flowers cut from Wattle Flower were added to the top left and bottom right of my cardstock with the straight edges aligning to the corners of the page.  I then extended my clusters across the page using some of the flowers I had fussy cut from Banksia Bouquet and the corresponding paper from the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pad and some leaves and flowers form the Collectables Pack.


Note – the rectangle of paper with hexagons is not from this range but I was using it to decide on my photo size and placement

I added two parrots from the Collectables Pack to the top right and bottom left of my central strips of paper and finished by using the wording from the bottom of the sheet of Pink Protea as my title.



I think that the vibrant pinks and yellows of this range look gorgeous against a black background.

Karen xIMG_2792 IMG_2791

Relax with Sunkissed

Hello, Karen here and I have to ask you “How gorgeous is this months Kaisercraft collection – Sunkissed“?  I think it is stunning with all it’s bright colours and beautiful tropical flowers, birds and flamingos.


I knew I had the perfect photo to showcase the flamingo theme and so built my page around that.

I started by cutting a 1 in frame from the Hibiscus weave cardstock.  Then cut the remaining piece to an 8 ins square and gutted a 1.5 in frame from this – you will be left with two frames and a 5 in square piece.


Trim .75 in from the bottom and right of the Mojito paper  and add to the Hibiscus frame.

Cut a piece of Daiquiri paper to measure 5.5 ins from the bottom.  Lay, but do not stick 1 in from the bottom of your page.  Lay, but do not stick the 8 in Hibiscus frame on top of this, 2 ins from the bottom and 2 ins from the left.


Mark with a pencil where it covers the flamingos and carefully cut the overlapped sections.


You can now stick down the piece of Daiquiri  but don’t stick the parts you have trimmed as these are going over the 8 in Hibiscus frame.

Add a fussy cut spray of flowers cut from Pina Colada to the top left of your page, then add the 8 in Hibiscus frame 2 ins from the left and 2 ins from the bottom

Add another spring of flowers from Pina Colada to the top left of your page, overlapping the Hibiscus frame. To the centre of the Hibiscus frame add the green and white polka dot paper from the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pad then stick the flamingos over that.

Add the sheet of paper with flamingos and green stripes, also from the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pad,  to the bottom right of your page .75 from right and 1.5 from bottom.  Add the 5 in square of Hibiscus to the centre of this.

A third spring cut from Pina Colada  is added to the top right of your page.


I added phrases from the Collectables pack to the top left of the green and white polka dot paper and a tab from the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pad.


To finish I used ‘Relax’ and two flamingos , from the Collectables pack, at the bottom of my photograph.


This page came together so easily and it turned out to be such a fun page with all those cute flamingos!

IMG_3334 IMG_3333 IMG_3335

Stay safe and I hope you can find time to do some crafting to take your mind of this crazy time we are in at the moment.

Karen xxx

Together with Native Breeze

Hello, Karen here with my second project using the very colourful Native Breeze collection. For this layout I wanted to focus on all the lovely sentiments from the Southern Sky cut-a-part paper.


I started by gutting a 1 inch frame from the reverse of Gum Leaves. I then trimmed the Native Flock paper down to an 11 in square and adhered this to the Gum Leaves frame.  Finally I added the piece of Gum Leaves that I had gutted from the middle of the frame.  I then used black embroidery thread to stitch around the Native Flock Paper.

Once my stitching was complete, I started to build up my page by adding the four 3in squares from Southern Sky to a piece of red paper, from the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pad, and placing this in the centre of my page. My photos were then added.


I added as many pieces, cut from Southern Sky, to my page as I could fit, choosing the ones that fitted best with my two photos.  To complete this part of my layout I filled in any gaps with word phrases from the Sticker Book and Collectables Pack.

On either side of my central block I added flowers cut from Banksia Bouquet and the corrisponding page from the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pad, using flowers and leaves from the Collectables Pack to fill in any gaps and to extend my clusters at the top and bottom of each spray.

IMG_2798 IMG_2797

For my title I used the word ‘Together’ – from the Collectables Pack along with a geotag at either end and a flower underneath, these were also from the Collectables Pack.


Finally I added two Collectables circles and a curio to the middle of my page.


Using the  Southern Sky cut-a-parts was a lovely way to document two of my favourite family photos.


Favourite Day with Native Breeze

Hello, Karen here with my third page using Native Breeze.  I was particularly struck by the gorgeous Sundown paper in this range and wanted to use it to showcase a photo of my daughter and her partner, when they got engaged in Italy on a beach at sunset.

Favourite Day

I started by trimming 5ins from the top and .5 in from the right of the Sundown paper. I then stuck this to the top of a piece of Shadow Weave Kaisercard leaving a .25 border at the top and both sides.

Next I tore 4 in piece of the reverse of Eucalyptus paper, vertically – to give it an uneven top, trimmed .5 in from one side and added to the bottom of my page to give the illusion of a landscape similar to that of my chosen photo.

I double mounted my photo onto two pieces of paper taken from the 6.5 x 6.5 paper pad and added this to my page, slightly overlapping the torn piece at the bottom.


At the top right of my photo I tucked a phrase from the  Southern Sky paper with a ticket phrase from the Collectables Pack at the top right and bottom left of the  Southern Sky phrase.

Under my photo I placed two border stickers, a large circular phrase sticker and seven pennant stickers in an arc – all from the Sticker Book.


The cluster at the top left of my photo was made up of leaves, flowers and birds, from the Collectables Pack, along with a flower cut from Banksia Bouquet paper and two fern leaves, die cut using a die similar to this one and a piece of Eucalyptus paper .


My title ‘Favourite Day’, also from the Collectables Pack was added to the bottom left of my photo and as a final flourish I added a Rose Pearl to each of the banner stickers.

Favourite Day

This was the perfect paper for the perfect photo.

Karen x


Gorgeous Cards for a Good Cause- Six Beautiful Bird Cards using Native Breeze by Kaisercraft

Hi Everyone,

Today I would like to share with you a set of six cards that I have created using the NATIVE BREEZE Collection by Kaisercraft. This collection features some of the beautiful birds found in Australia which I have made the focused for this set of cards.MIDT2020-02 Native Breeze by Kaisercraft - Six Bird Cards Picture 1

To create this set of cards I have followed the steps below:

  1. Take 4 pre-cut cards with dimensions of 10.2 x 15.4 cm and ink the edges of half with an Ink Blending Tool and KAISERINK PAD – LICORICE. Ink the other half with KAISERINK PAD – FOREST. Stamp the CLEAR TEXTURE STAMP – PAINT SPLATTER on the top and bottom of all four (horizontal) cards in on the green inked cards, and in KAISERINK PAD – FLAMINGO for the black inked.MIDT2020-02 Native Breeze by Kaisercraft - Six Bird Cards Picture 2
  2. Cut 3 pieces of KAISERCARD INK WEAVE CARDSTOCK to 15.4 x 8.5 cm. Punch the top and bottom sides of all four pieces using the Martha Stewart Scallop Lace Border Punch (or any other one you have will also work perfectly). Adhere punched pieces to the centre of the black inked cards using foam tap or left over card board.
  3. Repeat step 2 with KAISERCARD JUNGLE WEAVE CARDSTOCK and adhere to the green inked cards.
  4. Take the red sheet and the small white flower sheet from the PAPER PAD – NATIVE BREEZE COLLECTION and cut each into 3 pieces with dimensions of 15.3 x 5.5 cm (6 in total). Ink the edges in KAISERINK PAD – FLAMINGO and adhere to the centre of the punched strips, the red pieces onto the black and the flowered pieces onto the green.MIDT2020-02 Native Breeze by Kaisercraft - Six Bird Cards Picture 3
  5. Splatter all cards with KAISERMIST SPRAY INK – YELLOW 50ML.Picture2
  6. Fussy cut the birds and flowers from NATIVE FLOCK – NATIVE BREEZE COLLECTION and layer onto the cards.
  7.  Embellish with COLLECTABLES – NATIVE BREEZE COLLECTION, pop out sentiments from the PAPER PAD – NATIVE BREEZE COLLECTION, FLOURISH PACK – NATIVE BREEZE COLLECTION (and any other Australian theme ones you have available) CHEESECLOTH GAUZE, and small flowers like MINI PAPER BLOOMS – COCONUT and MINI PAPER BLOOMS – FAIRY FLOSSMIDT2020-02 Native Breeze by Kaisercraft - Six Bird Cards Picture 4
  8. Additionally, I have packaged these cards into Cellophane Bags so they are ready to sell to raise money for helping Australia recovery from the nasty bushfires that ravaged a lot of the country over summer. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, or visit my Australian Bushfire Recovery- Card Sale on Facebook, if you would like to help out and purchase one of these gorgeous cards with a good cause Xx.Picture1

I hope you enjoyed viewing these cards and reading all about how to recreate them!

Happy Crafting!

Xx Roxii xX