Kaisercolour Paints

We are often asked about Kaisercolour Acrylic Paints – how good is their coverage, how thick are they, etc, so we thought we would try and answer some of those questions…

Kaisercolour Acrylic Paints

Kaisercraft’s range of Kaisercolour Acrylic Paints includes more than 40 colours although, unfortunately, there is no published colour chart. Our shop includes images of each colour which are useful but their accuracy cannot be guaranteed because everyone’s computer monitor is set up slightly differently. The Kaisercraft Q1 and Q2 magazines each include a page showing all the different colours which is fairly useful although the images are a little small.

The paints themselves are neither runny or thick – think of HP Sauce (the squirty bottle variety) and you’ll be about there. They are best applied in two or three thin costs with a soft brush in which case they rarely leave brush marks on the MDF¬†Beyond-the-Page projects that they are often used for. We would recommend lightly sanding MDF, especially around the edges, to remove rough patches.

Kaisercolour Acrylic paints give a Matt finish – for a Gloss finish we would recommend a final coat of Kaisercolour Gloss Varnish. We also stock Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver.

As far as we can tell the paints keep for a very long time as long as the cap is secured. You’ll sometimes see colour streaks inside the tube (usually when new) but just a brief swirl around with the brush before applying it to the product will make them disappear. By the way, we use paper cake/muffin cases to squeeze the paint into when we actually need to paint something – they’re cheap and easily cleaned up after use.