A Huge Thank You to all our Retreat Guests

We just want to say a big thank you to everyone that attended our first ever Merly Impressions retreat – we had an absolute blast and we really hope you did to.

We are truely touched by all your kind comments but in truth it was you, our guests (who we are now proud to call our friends), that made the weekend so special. We never expected to be part of a weekend filled with quite so much fun, laughter, positivity, creativity and friendship. Yes, there were hiccups along the way but we are truely grateful that our guests always filled the room with smiles and simply had fun.

All our guests had four kits (although many added bought more from the shop) and we were amazed by the variety of projects created from them. Many people did not finish all the kits – we hope you will continue to enjoy them at home. A few guests also managed to create a special journal from the fifth (surprise) kit.

We have many people to thank and we apologise if we miss someone out…

Firstly Emilie – your classes were inspirational and your energy boundless !  We hope that you will continue to inspire readers on our blog and that you will continue to be our friend for a very long time.

Thank you to Chloe & Merley who were absoloute stars working away in the shop and thank you to Mim & Anna for helping us set up on the Friday.

And thank you to everyone who made us laugh – Cathy (that’s with a “C” not a “K”), (not so mad) Jean, Chris (we’ll get you a lower chair next time), Lynne (one day you really will jump off a mountain), Margaret (who kept us all amused in the “refurbished” dining room), Val (we’ll sort out a label for your ham sandwiches next time), Gwyneth (thanks for the Marmite), and so many more (we are really sorry that we cannot mention everyone who made us laugh).

And thanks to the one who made me cry as well – Sarah – I was so touched by the surprise card you organised on Sunday.

We also want to say a special Hi to Janet who couldn’t make the retreat – you were missed and hope you feel better soon.

Lots of you have asked about “the next one”. Nothing is decided yet (we are too tired) but your positivity is tempting us to do it all again next year. We’ll keep everyone in touch with plans when they develop.

Thank you again everyone. Any comments are very much appreciated.

Chrissy, Paul & Merley xXx

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25 thoughts on “A Huge Thank You to all our Retreat Guests

  1. Thank you all so much for such a splendid weekend!!!! I know there must have been a HUGE amount of work prepping for ‘The Retreat’ and you did it all with great gusto and most of all – professionalism!!! Hence, it all fell into place and everyone had a real blast! We all enjoyed it and I hope you did too!! Here’s to the next one!!

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time and made some beautiful things :0) Rest and relaxation (and more scrapping) is the order of the day I think!! xx

  3. A huge thank you to all of you too! As Cathy has said, such a lot of hard work the result of which was an amazing weekend for everyone, fun, new friends, great projects, extra goodies, surprises, relaxation, lots of laughing etc, etc – what else could anyone want 🙂 xx

  4. What can I say – for someone who could win an Olympic gold for talking I am speechless!!! Chrissy knows how nervous I was about attending the Retreat on my own, but I had the most wonderful time. I met so many lovely ladies (and Paul of course) who were so friendly and made me feel really at home. It was great to meet up with Debs and Valerie again and to meet Annabelle, Sue, Karen and everyone else on our table whose names I can’t remember – thank you so much for making me laugh, for helping me when I went wrong and I hope to see you all again soon. I think Chrissy will need a venue twice the size for the next Retreat and I would recommend it to anyone. Yes we had a few glitches, but they isn’t that what life’s all about!
    Some of you will remember my ‘little fall’ – well at least it made you laugh – it certainly made me giggle. Love you all. Take care. Jxxx

  5. A totally fabulous weekend!

    Thanks to all of the team, but especially Chrissy who worked so hard setting it all up – cant wait for next year!

  6. Thank you so much for a lovely, lovely weekend! PLEASE do another one in 2014! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. I was one of the “slow” ones, but with your kits and clear instructions it really doesn’t matter – I can look forward to many happy hours of finishing the kits now I’m home (just a shame I can’t scrap from 8.30am to 10.30pm like I did at the weekend – I was one of the light weights who went to bed early!)
    Thank you everyone for your friendship and a big thank you to The Merly Team whose hard work made the weekend go so smoothly!

  7. Seems like you all had a fab time. So pleased for you that it went well. Lovely projects. Well done.

  8. I had a brilliant weekend, thanks to your superb organisation and the efforts of all your ‘team’. The added extras were really appreciated – loved Emilie’s classes, cup cakes were fab and winning a raffle prize was the icing on the cake! I made new friends and hope to meet up again at one of the Merly Crops.
    I look forward to the next retreat!

  9. Thanks to Chrissy, Paul, Merley and everyone involved in all the hard work making the weekend such a success. I’m looking forward to completing my box at home, but was able to get the layouts done including Emilie’s layout class and her cards. Thanks also to all the lovely guests who I met many I know from past events and others who I met for the first time. Hope to see you all again next year.
    Lynn xxx

  10. Chrissy,
    What can I add that will be different to the others before me? Other than to say I had the best of times, I didn’t think I could craft for so long in a day but I did and it was wonderful.
    Yes you will need a bigger place next year as when others read the report and messages you will need more spaces.
    Thank You for the extra gifts, cupcakes and wonderful raffle prizes which I was lucky to win one.
    I hope Gwineth’s DH was pleased with her raffle prizes too lol.
    Thanks to all the lovely ladies (and Paul) who made the retreat a real treat to be on.
    Hugs to all.

  11. I new it would be a fabulous weekend and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! I loved that all the kits came in a box and you just did them as and when and in whatever order took your fancy. I didn’t get round to doing the ‘surprise’ kit at the retreat but its going to be fab when its finished – trust me! Thank you all for putting so much effort into making it such a memorable event and roll on June 2014

  12. what more can I add? Except to say how much I enjoyed the weekend . You guys couldn’t have done more to ensure a fab time was had by all. Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s took on a new meaning !!! I was lucky enough to win a raffle prize as well so I came home tired but busting with crafting enthusiasm. Roll on next year, you guys just know you’ll do it all again !!!!! Please do it again !!

  13. Chrissy, What a fab time i had……………… super job!! can’t wait for next year.. and sorry to make you cry, i hope it was out of happiness…………… se you soon .. big hugs xxxx

  14. Thank you so much for a fantastic weekend. You already know how much I enjoyed it… I’ve been shouting it from the roof tops since I got back. I’m a really slow crafter and appreciated the fact that we were able to craft until the wee hours. I managed to complete 3 project layouts, Emilie’s class layout and 3 cards over the weekend. (truly amazing for me!) So I still have another project layout, the photo box and the journal to look forward to completing at home….. let’s hope I finish it before the next retreat 😉

  15. Hi all,
    What an awesome weekend, filled with laughter, great crafting and friends. I really enjoyed completing the projects, especially the box and all the little extras made the weekend just that little bit more special. Thankyou so much and here’s to next year…!

  16. Magic from start to finish! Thanks to Chrissy, Paul, Merley, chloe and Anna for a brilliant weekend xxx Looking forward to 2014! xx

  17. It was a fantastic weekend which we all enjoyed. The ideas and inspriation were brill. Thanks Chrissy and Gang.

  18. Thank you all so, so much – for all your hard work beforehand and during the weekend itself. I had been looking forward to it so much and it managed to exceed my expectations. It was wonderful just to craft at my own pace and I loved seeing the fabulous things everyone else was making. I had a great time and haven’t laughed so much for ages! All the kits were great and I still have some left to finish at home. Thank you for all the lovely gifts and surprises, too. Please, please do another one next year!

  19. Fabulous weekend.,….. but heyyyy how could it fail with the Chrissy Army at the helm! you did an amazing job. did we have any doubts, did we heck as like! Jonathan came home from his respite today, and he is giddy with excitement of his sales – thank you so much for that, his money he made is going a long long LONG way, buying his mummy a car, buying more material to make more bags, and going on holiday!!! ha ha ha, i said you have just been on a little holiday Jonathan, he said, oh yes, i cannot cope 🙂 Thanks for an amazing weekend, and thanks to all the ladies for going on the retreat and making it what it was 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Thank you all for taking the time to add your comments about the weekend, it is very much appreciated.

    I think from what everyone has said, we all had a fabulous time.

    I hope to see some finished Journal’s of the weekend, I’m def going to do mine.

    Chrissy xXx

  21. Chrisy, Paul, Merly and everyone who helped make the weekend go so well, thank you. I had an absolute blast. Brilliant layouts and can’t wait for the next one. It was awrsome love karen xxxxx

  22. I had a wonderful time and gained so much inspiration from everyone there. Can’t wait to get all my projects finished. Once again thank you for such a brilliantly well organised weekend, I feel this is only a beginning for you all, and hope we have many more weekends to come. Great kits, and I loved that we could do them at our own pace with no pressure. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. Hi all,
    Just want to say what a wonderful time I had at the retreat. I traveled to the retreat with a friend and by the end of the weekend we had made much more. The projects and the extra bits that I done during the weekend was fun. Seeing other peoples crafting projects and all the personal touches was an inspiration to us all. Plus many of us got a chance to try something new whether it was a new technique or one of the many resources that was available for use to use at the retreat. I did not want to sleep at all I just wanted to craft the night away.

    Thanks Chrissy and the Team you all did a fantastic job. xxxx Roll on next year

  24. Hi all,
    I had such a fabulous time, you restarted a flame for scrapbooking and crafting in general which I thought had long since gone. Thank you for a wonderful time, I have learnt so many new things and by seeing others at work I was inspired.
    Thank you for creating an environment of peace and allowing me to shop till I dropped. Please add me to your list for next year retreat. I have started to save. ☺
    Thanks Chrissy and to your wonderful team for a great weekend, see you next year.

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