Kookaburra with Native Breeze by Kaisercraft

Hello Crafty Friends,

Today I would like to share a very Ozzie themed layout with you. I have created it using the NATIVE BREEZE Collection by Kaisercraft. The main theme of my layout is the Australian native bird- the Kookaburra. This bird has a very distinctive call which sounds like laughing. They are white and brown with gorgeous blue/green patches of features in the wings, as you can see clearly in the featured photograph. My lovely and very talented friend Gaby took this stunning photo. I have also focussed on the Ozzie colours for this layout- go green and gold!
MIDT2020-02 Native Breeze by Kaisercraft - Kookaburra Image 1

To create this layout I have followed the steps below:

  1.  Cut a strip of KAISERCARD CINNAMON WEAVE CARDSTOCK to 30.5 x 21 cm. Punch along the top and bottom using your favourite border punch. Measure ~0.5 cm under the pattern and create stitching holes using the SEW EASY STITCH PIERCER. Use teal coloured DMC thread and sew through holes. Using a PAPER DISTRESSER to distress the unpunched edges.
  2. Take SUNDOWN – NATIVE BREEZE COLLECTION and trim the bottom to 30.5 x 12 cm. Distress short edges and adhere ~1.5 cm from the stitching on the bottom of the cinnamon strip.
  3. Splatter KAISERMIST SPRAY INK – GOLD SHIMMER 50ML onto the prepared strip.
    MIDT2020-02 Native Breeze by Kaisercraft - Kookaburra Image 2
  4. Take the bottom strip from BANKSIA BOUQUET – NATIVE BREEZE COLLECTION and adhere across the top of the brown strip ~1 cm from the top stitching. Take a yellow and a white sticker strip from the STICKER BOOK – NATIVE BREEZE COLLECTION and adhere to the top of the large green section, on both sides.
    MIDT2020-02 Native Breeze by Kaisercraft - Kookaburra Image 3
  5. Take PINK PROTEA – NATIVE BREEZE COLLECTION, remove bottom strip and distress edges. From the middle, cut a piece from the middle 12 x 9.5 cm to frame your photo later. Using spare cardboard or foam tape, adhere your pre-prepared strip ~3.5 cm from the bottom.
    MIDT2020-02 Native Breeze by Kaisercraft - Kookaburra Image 4
    Take photo with dimensions of 15.2 x 10.2 cm frame with pre-cut Pink Protea piece, KAISERCARD CINNAMON WEAVE CARDSTOCK (16 x 10.8 cm), SUNDOWN – NATIVE BREEZE COLLECTION (15.5 x 11.3 cm) and white wattle page from the PAPER PAD – NATIVE BREEZE COLLECTION (11.3 x 16.5 cm), distress all framing pieces. Adhere matted photo to the layout ~3 cm from the top and 5.5 cm from the left of layout. I have also added a Uniquely Creative laser cut word to my photo frame. I have prepared it by inking in KAISERINK PAD – CHOCOLATE and covering it with Rangers Glossy Accents. MIDT2020-02 Native Breeze by Kaisercraft - Kookaburra Image 5
  6. Take 2 x ~40 cm teal coloured DMC thread and pull out each individual thread, curl them up and glue around the edges of the central green strip of your layout. Also add some to the top left of the photo, as a base for a small embellishment cluster. Adhere a second  BANKSIA BOUQUET – NATIVE BREEZE COLLECTION bottom strip (with distressed edges) using foam tape to the bottom edge of the green strip, to help hold the thread in place.MIDT2020-02 Native Breeze by Kaisercraft - Kookaburra Image 6
  7. Fussy cut the Kookaburra birds and matching leaves from NATIVE FLOCK – NATIVE BREEZE COLLECTION. Take these same items from the COLLECTABLES – NATIVE BREEZE COLLECTION. Adhere in the areas where the curly thread in located to help hold it down further.
  8. Embellish further with RHINESTONES – NAVY and the Kookaburra CURIOS – NATIVE BREEZE COLLECTION.
    MIDT2020-02 Native Breeze by Kaisercraft - Kookaburra Image 9 MIDT2020-02 Native Breeze by Kaisercraft - Kookaburra Image 8 MIDT2020-02 Native Breeze by Kaisercraft - Kookaburra Image 7 MIDT2020-02 Native Breeze by Kaisercraft - Kookaburra Image 10
  9. Additionally, I do plan to sell this layout to raise money for helping Australia recovery from the nasty bushfires that ravaged a lot of the country over summer. If you are interested please contact me at roxiiscraftstudio@gmail.com, via Facebook at roxiiscraftstudio, or at the March Crop where you can also see it in real life. Just a reminder that I am also selling my cards which can be found at Australian Bushfire Recovery- Card Sale on Facebook Xx.

I hope you enjoyed reading all about how I created this very Australian themed layout!

Happy Crafting!

Xx Roxii xX