Twist and Pop Cards using The Uniquely Creative Tropical Dreams Collection

Hi everyone,
Today I would like to share with you a set of 4 twist and pop cards that I have created using the Tropical Dreams Collection by Uniquely Creative. As soon as I opened the Creative Cuts I knew they were just perfect for clustering on the front of my cards. The VITAMIN SEA paper from this lovely collection is just perfect for the inside of a set of pop and twist cards. Continue reading if you would like to see how I created these beach themed twist and pop cards.

To create these cards, I followed the steps below:

  • Make 4 cards from one piece of Lipstick Cardstock and one piece of Peacock Cardstock (this is a deleted cardstock but could be replaced with Coastal Weave Cardstock)
  • Adhere one stamped Ivory piece to the inside of each card (matching colours)
  • Take SEASHELLS and cut 4x pieces at 14 x 14 cm and adhere to the other side of the inside of each card
  • To create the mechanism, begin with cutting 4 pieces of spare card stock to 20 x 8.5 cm
  • Measure 5.5 cm from each end of the long side and using a scoring board to create diagonal folding lines from these points
  • Turn mechanism strip over and fold lengthways through the centre (this fold should be a valley when compared to diagonal folds as mountains)
  • Fold along all the lines to bring mechanism into a house shape
  • Repeat for all 4 mechanisms
  • Measure 3 cm form the bottom of the right leg of each house and fill with double sided tape as well as the roof of the house
  • Repeat on the other side
  • Take 2x VITAMIN SEA papers and cut horizontally to from 6 strips
  • Select four strips and fold into quarters with the rectangles on the inside
  • Prepare the double sided sticky tape on the “legs” of the houses
  • Slip the folded sections in between the house “legs”, making sure that the rectangles will open to point away from the mechanism
  • Remove the backing from the double sided tape adhered to the “roof” on the back
  • Adhere to the middle of bottom section, inside of the card, about 1 mm down from the fold
  • Repeat steps above for the other side
  • After closing the card, press on the mechanism firmly and open the card to observe the mechanism working
  • The inside of the cards are now complete!

Time to create the front of these cards!

  • Apply some Ranger Oxide Ink- Faded Jeans to an Inkssentials Craft Sheet, apply some water
  • Dip the blue stamps pieces into the diluted ink and allow to dry
  • Repeat the above steps using Ranger Oxide Ink- Antique Linen onto the pink stamped pieces
  • Cut 2x squares at 14 x 14cm from UNDER THE SEA and adhere to the pink cards
  • Adhere the pink stamped pieces on top of these
  • Repeat the above steps with WAVES, the blue cards and the blue stamped pieces
  • Create clusters of burlap and Creative Cuts, either directly onto the cards or separately and adhere to the cards

I hope you have enjoyed reading about how I created these beach themed twist and pop cards! I definitely recommend creating some fun projects using the Tropical Dreams Collection, especially the Creative Cuts. Keep an eye out for the recycled layout that I have also created this month using this gorgeous collection.
Be safe, stay healthy and keep crafting!
Roxanne xX

Do All Things With Love with Amethyst

Hello, Karen here with a page I have made using the absolutely stunning Amethyst collection – as purple is my favourite colour I couldn’t wait to get going with these. papers.

I was especially excited to try the Full Roses 6 x 6 Stencil as I could see the potential of creating beautiful inked corners on my project. I choose two green and two purple Kaisercraft inks – Orchid, Plum, Avocado and Green.

I started by cutting a piece of Snow Weave Kaisercard to 8 ins square. On the reverse of this (the smooth side) I used washi tape to hold my stencil in the top left corner, ensuring the top and left of the stencil were aligned with the edges of the cardstock. I used Cut n Dry to add the Orchid and green inks to the open roses, then aligned it with the bottom and right of the card and did the same.

Next I placed the detailed part of the stencil at the top left of my card and used the sponges and Plum and Avocardo to add the details repeating at the bottom right.

I then drew a half inch border, using a pencil, around the two plain corners and carried this around the flowers but with a much smaller gap.

I used a craft knife to remove the inside of the pencil line and added a piece of Gem behind it.

Next I took another piece of Snow Weave Kaisercard and splatterd it with three Kaisermists in Navy, Lavender and Tourquoise. I then added a rose corner to the top left and bottom right using the Full Roses 6 x 6 Stencil.

Then I took two pieces of Mistique and fussy cut all the roses. I started to build my page by adding the rose frame to the centre of my page, on Mounting Foam Dots, and then tucked the fussy cut roses underneath it at the bottom left and top right of my page – I used Mounting Foam Dots to lift some of the flowers. To the bottom of my frame I placed the phrase from the Flutter paper and a phrase taken from the Jewel paper and cut down slightly.

Finally I added my photo to the centre of the frame, tucking two corners underneath and two butterflies fussy cut from the Flutter paper.

I hope I have inspired you to try out the Full Roses 6 x 6 Stencil as it is such a lovely way to embellish your paper projects and I think it would look spectacular if used on a card.

Karen x