Overseas postage

After lots of requests from overseas customers we have decided to enable shipping for a few countries.

Initially we are enabling Australia and New Zealand. These are obviously fairly distant from the UK but we've done as much as possible to make the shipping rates as economical as we can.

We would encourage our customers to consider buying as a group if you have friends in your local area who would also like to get hold of Merly Impressions kits or other products. As a general rule of thumb (because kits can vary in weight each month) you will be able to receive:

  • up to 750g = about one or two layout kits
  • up to 1kg   = about two or three layout kits
  • up to 1.25kg = about three or four layout kits
  • up to 1.5kg = about four or five layout kits
  • up to 2kg   = about five or six layout kits

As you add products to the cart and go to checkout our software will calculate the weight of the package and offer the shipping options that are available given that weight.


Australia / New Zealand
Up to 750g £19.00
750g to 1kg £22.00
1kg to 1.25kg £24.50
1.25kg to 1.5kg £27.00
1.5kg to 2kg £28.50


Please note that we cannot allow for any import duties or taxes which may be payable at the destination.